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Salt Water Features & Benefits

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Salt Water Features & Benefits

Beyond Pool Service installs efficient salt water systems that consume a low amount of salt dissolved in the pool water, just below the taste threshold. The salt is converted into free chlorine, and  once the chlorine is consumed, it turns back into salt. Because of this cycle, the bulk of the salt is added only once,  after the initial filling of the pool. Salt only needs to be added periodically to compensate for water splashing out.  Most systems can easily be installed on newly constructed as well as existing pools.

Beyond Pool Service provides comprehensive and thorough cleaning, maintenance and chlorinating services to pool owners in Davis, California and surrounding areas

At Beyond Pool Service, we will walk you through the entire process and show you the road to carefree free pool maintenance as well as the pleasure of enjoying smooth and clear salt water every day.

Don’t ever put your family in danger of a non-chemically balanced pool ever again!  Don’t tolerate irritating dry skin or red eyes.   The professionals at Beyond Pool Service have extensive experience with salt water chlorinators.  There are several ‘pros and cons’ in maintaining a salt water pool.  Yes, you do save money on chlorine, but you have to overcompensate by using more acid, and invest more time in maintenance by cleaning the cell.

The truth is that most people can’t tell the difference, provided the pool is being maintained by a professional.   You can easily accomplish the luxurious, soft feel of salt water by adding a few 50 pound bags of salt.

Here in Davis, the water quality possesses a measurable calcium ‘hardness’ which can pose a challenge using salt chlorinators, but there are also a multitude of benefits such as never having to buy or store chlorine, and dramatically reducing other annual chemical costs.

Most salt water chlorinators include a top to bottom manufacturer’s warranty and are quite simple to use with LED and diagnostic displays.   They are relatively low maintenance and don’t really require all that much attention.


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