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Automatic Pool Controls

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Automatic Pool Controls

Your swimming pool needs to ‘turn over’ once every 24 hours when the weather is warm (80 degrees +) which equals approximately a 6 hour run time for your pump cycle.  At Beyond Pool Service, we are cognizant of your electricity costs and will turn your timers back usually in late October, and reduce the total run time to 2-3 hours per day.

Beyond Pool Service provides comprehensive and thorough cleaning, maintenance and chlorinating services to pool owners in Davis, California and surrounding areas

Automated Pool Controls

Built to operate several functions of your swimming pool from the comfort of your home, automatic pool controls let you turn lights on and off and control the temperature of your pools heater.    At Beyond Pool Service, we can offer you real solutions, and the right answers to whatever questions you may have about automated controls.

Typically, automated pool controls offer a wide variety of options depending upon your specific needs and your budget. The number of functions you may want to control will vary.  For example, to control the pump and filter, the heater, the lights, and your spa, you would use a (4 function) control panel.   Some systems offer as many as (8) functions.

Your choice of functions can range from a simple on/off timer that is installed outdoors adjacent to your controls, and the ability to communicate with a completely automated system featuring wireless remotes or a convenient touch pad control panel inside the comfort of your home.

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